Light pleasure. Conscious taste.

Flavours, in all their sublime essence. The quality of the ingredients and innovative techniques, perfectly combined with the inspiration of a starred chef. 
The exquisite taste of each creation, imbued with a surprising lightness. A multisensory experience that envelops the heart and mind as well as the palate. 
Add to that an unparalleled atmosphere and elegance. These are the fundamental aspects of the philosophy of Tasting Room at Villa Eden. 
Welcome to a superb culinary oasis where you can achieve an all-encompassing feeling of well-being through the surprising delicacy of creations strike a chord with the heart and soul…

"The main ingredient for fine cuisine is love for those we cook for."

The goal of Villa Eden's Tasting Room is to present unprecedented gastronomy that offers exciting combinations and opens the door to total involvement of the senses.

To achieve this goal, we use only the highest quality, healthy and environmentally sustainable products, favoring organic and regionally sourced ingredients.

You can rely on the creativeness of our Executive Chef Marcello Corrado and his team. They will lead you to this celestial dimension of taste where aromas, flavours, presentation and charm are the common denominators of a "culinary journey" whose destination is uniquely holistic pleasure.


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