Our Executive Chef: Marcello Corrado

Quality, local excellence and maximum attention to detail

Marcello Corrado, born in 1979, is Neapolitan by birth. His southern origins merge with his numerous experiences around the Italian peninsula from north to south.


After earning a degree in Economics, he decides to pursue his passion for cooking. His first experiences were in Rome and Milan, then passing to a restaurant in Treviso famous for dishes based on offal. He deepened his skills in the preparation of meat as chef de rang in several places, including one in Corvara in Val Badia.

From 2013 to 2016 he moved to Salerno, holding the role of chef at the Casa del Nonno 13 restaurant; finally, the Osteria Perillà in Val d’Orcia has had him on their team since April 2017. During his collaboration, the quality level of the gastronomic proposal was raised, leading to the conquest of a Michelin star.


Promoter of a seasonal cuisine that is flavourful and attentive to the enhancement of the territory, in 2022 Marcello Corrado becomes Executive Chef of Villa Eden, espousing its gastronomic mission: to offer guests inviting and tasty as well as healthy dishes.


"I love to narrate the story of the territory through dishes, creating harmonic combinations that resonate with our guests’ emotions. I want to accompany them on a gastronomic experience based on a deep respect for sourced ingredients, seasonality and the combination of modern technology and local tradition."

Marcello Corrado

The collaboration and common objectives between our retreat and the chef led to the creation of the concept of Tasting Room, an oasis of culinary delights also open to guests who do not stay at Villa Eden.

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